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How to create test papers

On Test Invite, you can create your tests in paper form.

Creating Test Papers

When you create a test paper, 25 system credits will be deducted from your System Credit balance.

In order to create test papers, please follow the below steps:

1. Please visit your TESTS menu from the left navigation bar.

2. When you navigate on the TESTS menu, you will find PAPERS button on the top menu. Kindly click on this button.

3. Click on the Add button for creating paper versions of your exams in the software (+) icon on the bottom right side of the page.

4. Select the test which you would like to transform into Paper form, edit its name (optional) and SUBMIT your choice.

5. This may take few seconds to create the Test Paper.

6. Your test paper(s) will be listed. Please click on the eye icon next to the Test Paper you want to display.

7. When you open the Test Paper, you have several options:

  • Control: You can check your test questions: correct answers, dimensions, tags will be displayed for you and for your team to make necessary controls.
  • Print: You can print the Test Paper.
  • Download as Word: You can download your Test Paper in Word format.

Now, you are ready to distribute your Test Papers.

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