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Weighted Exam Question

Giving Different Scores to Exam Questions and Calculating in Multiple Dimensions

Each question in the exam may have its own score. For example, you can give 1 point to a question and 2 points to another question. Question points are used to calculate total exam score, total section score and total page score. After completing the exam, it is displayed how many points have been earned in general, in each section and on each page.

Dimension Calculations

You can use dimension scoring if you want to make additional total score calculations other than exam, section and page total scores. For example, you can calculate “shape” questions anywhere in the exam under the “shape ability” dimension separately. In this way, questions that are in different sections and pages but in the same class in one aspect are also reported under the relevant dimension score.

Earning Partial Score

The person taking the exam may earn full, half or certain percentage of score according to the answers given to the question. For example, in a question where 2 of the 5 options are correct, if the participant selects only 1 correct option, then he/she can earn half point from that question.

Negative Score

You can reduce the score (negative score) if the participant answers the questions in the exam incorrectly. For example, if a participant gives the correct answer to a question, he/she can earn 1 point but if he/she gives incorrect answer, then the participant may lose 0.25 points.

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